Sunday, January 11, 2009

here we come

Dream , vigor , plans and risk …. If these elements collectively define a venture I would call it y4uth. There was an “urge”…an “urge” to exploit ourselves and our vitality ,an “urge” to illustrate our prowess an “urge” for self completion , and the manifestation of this “urge” is y4uth.

Y4uth is a comprehensive youth magazine that tends to cater all the possible dimensions of a young mind.
our USP??
We aren’t into the hardcore political dramas that are displayed free of cost in the parliament sessions nor are we interested in the scams of our “democratic “leaders . We don’t give you the news ,we provide you a leaf through the events from a youths kaleidoscope.

Our biggest USP is that we don’t stick to the norms , our target crowd may not be the section who already is a deep devotee of India Today or Cosmopolitan. I guess they will discard us as a crap, simply because we may not cater to their needs . We will serve the crowd which just browses through the headlines and throws away the newspaper to settle for something more fulfilling .If they read y4uth our job is done .

We speak our hearts out … without really bothering about what we face next!
We hit the stand on 12th of January 09’. Watch out for us ….
Gear up the future beckons,,,,,,